Star Finder

Makes the seasonal nature of the stars intuitive. The Star Finder will have you pointing out the direction of the stars, whether you can see them or not.

Star Finder

The Star Finder tracks the position of the sun and stars in real time. The Sun arm travels once around each day, pointing up at noon and down at midnight. The star wheel also travels around about once per day, which is probably not the way you think of the stars. Here's why.

When you see the stars, it's usually within a few hours after sunset, and only for a few minutes before your neck gets tired from looking up. Under these conditions, the stars seem static. Even if you know that the stars move across the sky throughout the night, and that they change with the seasons, your experience seems to tell you otherwise.

The Star Finder allows you to directly experience the motion of the stars, so that the motion becomes intuitive. A few nighttime observations will convince you that the device reliably represents the star positions. After a few days or weeks with the constant reminder the star finder provides, your mental image of star positions will evolve to accurately reflect the actual real-time star positions.

The star finder also functions as a calendar. Months of the year are etched on the rim of the star wheel, and the seasons are represented by the spokes. Watch as the solstices and equinoxes signal the changing of the seasons and usher in a new sky full of stars.

The Star Finder wheel is 12 inches in diameter. The device plugs into a wall outlet like a clock.

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