Moon Minder

The monthly cycle of the moon is the key to the rest of the sky. The Moon Minder keeps the moon on your mind, leading to understanding and serenity.

Moon Minder

The Moon Minder tracks the position of the sun and moon in real time. The Sun armtravels once around each day, pointing up at noon and down at midnight. The Moon arm also travels around about once per day, but the continual change in its position will surprise you as you glance at the Moon Minder throughout the day, and from day to day.

This simple device is a great way to learn the pattern of motion of the moon, but even more, it will get you watching for, and enoying, the moon every time you go outside. Walks and hikes take on an added element of interest when you make the moon your companion. Even knowing that the moon is not up and you can't see it becomes a delight.

The Moon Minder sweeps out a 22-inch circle and plugs into a wall outlet like a clock.

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