Planet Finder Calendar

The first big payoff from learning astronomy is the joy of watching the sky. This calendar is the intuitive way to track the planets.

Planet Finder Calendar

Finding the bright planets, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, is not much harder than finding the moon. These objects are very bright, usually much brighter than any star. If you know where to look, you will be sure to find them.

But where should you look? Before Falling Apple's Astronomy, this was not an easy question to answer. The planets are in constant motion and regularly disappear from view altogether. Traditionally, you needed to know the stars before you could find the planets.

Using the Sun Puppet method of tracking celestial objects makes finding the planets easy and fun; no star charts are required Here's how it works: Planets follow the same path as the Sun and Moon. The Planet Finder shows you how far ahead or behind the Sun the planets are on any given day. Turn the Sun dial to the correct time of day, and the planets automatically position themselves just as they are in the sky.

You'll want to hang the Planet Finder in a prominent place, like on the refrigerator, so you are reminded where to look for the planets every evening and early morning.

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