Sun Puppet

Falling Apple's first device. The Sun Puppet is practically the only way to demonstrate the most fundamental idea of Astronomy.

Sun Puppet Demonstration Device

The best way to teach the motion of the Sun, Moon, stars and planets is to show it. There is no substitute for seeing how the moon travels with the sun each day, yet falls behind on a monthly cycle.

The simplified image of celestical objects moving with and relative to the Sun that the Sun Puppet provides will stick with students forever. Every time a student sees the sun, moon, stars, or planets, he will imagine the simplified motion of the Sun Puppet, and he will know with certainty what is happening.

The Sun Puppet is recommended for everyone, including homeschoolers, classroom teachers, and anyone who just wants to enjoy the sky. Use with Astronomy Book 1: Sun, Moon & Planets.

Made in the USA out of wood. It includes magnetically interchangeable Sun, new, full, quarter, crescent, and gibbous moons, star, and the five visible planets. The movable arms sweep out a diameter of 32 inches. The Sun Puppet folds up to a size of 26 x 19-1/4 x 3 inches for easy storage.

Currently available to schools. Call (949) 870-5841 for information